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Forest Owners’ Associations are set up by forest owners to help you find answers. We support better management of private forests – our employees will keep an eye on your forest, inform you about opportunities to apply for subsidies, help you organise your forest work, and take care of all the paperwork. We know the laws and we follow them. Together we are better stewards.


Advisory services
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Forest subsidies


Harvesting and timber sales
Harvesting right auctions
Forest property auctions


Soil preparation
Planting material
Forest maintenance


Forest protection
Legal services
Participation in policy-making

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The name and brand of Metsaühistu brings together honest local forest owners’ associations who have joined forces to take care of your forest in the best possible way, no matter the location of the forest. Find a local forest owner association for your forest and join us.

7 reasons why You should join Metsaühistu

Forestry calender


Carry out the planned cutting. It is definitely worthwhile to carry out cutting with the help of Metsaühistu, as it is also possible to sell timber to large industrial undertakings together with other forest owners. Selling timber together ensures better conditions and a more competitive price.

If you are planning reforestation in the spring, order your forestry plants now.